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From light traditional Chinese desserts to rich Western varieties and fusions, taste the sweet life in MangoMango.

Mango Mango DessertsBrand Culture

Mango Mango dessert first store started in New York's Chinatown in 2013, adhering to the "constant innovation and change," from the naming product appearance, method of making, and of course the unique tasting into aspects of creativity and uniqueness. Today, in New York there are already three different branches in separate part of the city.

Enjoy Leisure

Mango Mango dessert waned to better serve guests a savor of the taste into different quality products. Each shop with times, its design also develops a modern interior design and concept, plus comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. This allows guests to escape from busy rhythm of the metropolis, and into short moment of leisure lifestyle to enjoy a delicious moment.

Eat healthy

Mango Mango dessert always uses the traditional Hong Kong-style techniques and the freshest ingredients. By reaching our consistent pursuit of healthy lifestyle, we carefully selected the best fruit and ingredients, with unique methods and strict quality control, to success our goal to make every guest eat happy, and healthy!

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Our Story

Mango Mango Dessert was established in NYC on June 2013. The aspect of our business is to serve traditional Hong Kong style sweet soup dessert to modern fusion sweets. We use the finest ingredients and a sophisticated method of cooking to create innovative handmade desserts to serve our customers. Most of our desserts are made with mango from the soup base to the pastries and drinks that we cater to our customers. Mangos are liked by all ages because of the sweetness that it brings and provides 100% of vitamin C.

Add: 133-35 Roosevelt ave flushing NY 11354
Call to order: 917-563-1847
Business Hours: Sun-Thur(12pm-12am) | Fri-Sat(12pm-2am)